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At OXB, you can be provided superior private tutorings for multiple exams. We help your child stay motivated and on course for the best possible results.

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"At OXB, we provide expert education advice and services across the spectrum of the education sector to prospective students and their families from all over the world. Below is a list of some of the most common questions our consultants are asked, along with our answers."

Frequently Asked Questions at OXB :

1. Why is a consultation with one of your education specialists so important, and what does it cover?

A consultation with our education specialists is the first step into commencing your/your child’s educational journey. It gives us all the opportunity to get to know each other before we decide whether to start working together and ensure we are heading towards the same goal.
During the consultation, we will discuss your/your child’s current academic abilities and aspirations for your/their education, as well as your family’s background and current situation. We will also establish which of our services will be the best fit for you/your child and discuss what these entail with you.

2. Can OXB guarantee me/my child a place at school or university?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee entry as we do not take the exams ourselves. What we can guarantee, however, is that you will receive the very best advice, guidance and application support throughout the process.
Our specialists work closely on every aspect of your/your child’s application, using their years of experience in the sector, and have a 100% record on applications from applicants’ shortlisted first choices as a result.

3. Do your specialists help with personal statements and common or coalition app essays along with necessary supplementary essays?

Our consultants are graduates of some of the UK’s and US’s top universities and have an in-depth knowledge and an understanding of what it takes to craft a personal statement and essays that will capture the interest of the universities you are/your child is applying to.

4. How far in advance should I/my child start preparing for Oxbridge admissions?

We typically expect to see students begin the application process for Oxbridge at the beginning of Year 12 (age 16).
The application process is particularly lengthy and complex and, unlike typical UCAS applications where the deadline is January of the year you intend to start your university education, the Oxbridge deadline is October of the year before.
Therefore, as soon as you/your child has made that decision to attend Oxbridge and decided firmly on their subject area of study, you should begin the process right away.

5. Do you help with academic assessments prior to school placement?

Our school placement consultants have an unparalleled knowledge of school admissions tests and assessments – from 3+ assessments to the 11+ entrance exam and beyond. As well as being able to give expert education advice, our consultants are also top-rated exam tutors, and can help you/your child prepare effectively for the exams they will need to pass to gain a place at their desired school.

6. Can your specialists help with shortlisting the best universities and advising on course choice at university?

Due to the positive relationships that we have built with university admissions teams across the UK over the years, our specialists have first-hand knowledge of the top UK and US universities and courses available to apply to. Combined with taking the time to get to know you/your child through our consultation process, including passions, academic abilities and skills, they will be able to recommend the best possible universities and courses that will enable you/your child to succeed.

7. What is OXB’s success rate of helping their clients into the best schools and universities?

In 2021, 100% of our clients had offers from their shortlisted universities, and we also have a 100% success rate of school offers from our clients’ shortlisted choices. Additionally, 85% of our Oxbridge candidates are invited to be interviewed. You can read about how we have successfully supported our clients in more detail in our case studies.